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A Community Jewel
Mrs. Nakenya Robinson

This woman of God has a heart of gold. She is a Wife, Mother, Business Owner and a gold leaf in the community. She work with the community at her churches outreach program. She helps people with jobs, housing, food, medical and help with paying bills. This woman does it all.

1st Episode (January 14, 2014)

"The People in our Community with Hearts of God"

Pastor Maurice Robinson

Pastor Maurice Robinson is a man of God. He is a Husband, Father, Business Owner, and a Speaker. He recently made Pastor of the Week with the article in the Miami Times(01/22/2014). He has had many struggles in his life but always carried the passion to follow Christ. He does many thing for his members (rides to and from church, helps them make ends meet when provided and most of all....make sure they find God and serve Him without regret)

2nd Episode (January 16, 2014)

"The Pastor"